About Us

We never compromise on quality, and we guarantee each and every product that bears our name.

Established in 1991, PICO is a market leading entrepreneurial company based in Toronto, with strong presence across the US and Canadian markets. We are consistently researching & applying new technologies to provide you with high quality solutions. Above all, we have the largest selection of food warming and cooling solutions in the market, and an unparalleled network of sales professionals across North America.

PICO began in 1991 as a local distribution company of ambiance products in the Toronto market. In 2007, the company started manufacturing its own brand of products under the name LeoLight. The business grew rapidly and pivoted its model to focus on sales to the food service distribution channel. In 2019, LeoLight rebranded to PICO to further expand in the food service category, after partnering with Vidacasa a year earlier. The company now boasts the most comprehensive offering in the industry, adding innovative flameless heating and ice-free cooling solutions to its vast chafer fuel and ambiance lines.

In front of house, we pride ourselves with elevating the customer and guest experience, while in back of house we ensure that your business is operating efficiently and effectively. Additionally, as we look to the future, we continue to grow and to push the category forward by developing innovative products, technologies and environmentally friendly solutions. We look forward to partnering with you!