PICO helps healthcare food service cater to both patients and frontline workers alike, with food temperature control solutions that are safe, sanitary and easy to operate. Medical environments require flameless non-hazardous food warming technologies that measure up to their high standards of care, hygiene and precision. Only PICO can offer the innovative assortment of mission critical catering tools that enable successful food service deployment for Healthcare with scalability and portability, ideal for use in on-site and off-site applications

PICO presents healthcare food service professionals with an unparalleled full-range of flameless food warming and ice-free cooling solutions that are fundamentally: clean, safe, and smart. The sanitary design of Vidacasa solutions allows for reduced cross-contamination in food service with minimized touchpoints. Flameless heating and ice-free cooling eliminate risks of fire, and unsafe pools of melted water. Furthermore, the stackable aspect of Vidacasa flameless food warming solution makes them easy for storage and transport via a carrying case, in addition to their quick setup and operation.

Healthcare food service can operate with agility and scalability by foregoing outdated methods of food temperature control.

Adopt the safest sustainable innovations, powered by PICO.

H1X and Battery Pack remove flames and cords.

  • No flames allowed? No problem: Ideal for medical applications with strict no-flame restrictions, one H1X Battery Pack effectively replaces 500lbs of fuel, and provides a safer food warming alternative for frontline workers and patients alike. Remove the risk of fire or harmful byproducts.
  • Minimized Touchpoints: The set-and-forget Hot Cell with a Lithium ion rechargeable battery operates with minimized hand-touching and reduces risks of cross-contamination. The heating element is not accessible underneath the trays, and stays hot for over 2 hours.
  • Eradicate the cord: Induction systems, a common food warming option, drain limited power resources that are vital for healthcare equipment. Furthermore, they are not portable and running extension wires creates tripping hazards. H1X functions with no electrical outlets and allows mission critical power to be allocated to life-saving machines.
  • Agile and Scalable: Vidacasa H1X Hot Cells stack and store easily, with space-saving rechargeable batteries. Multiple batteries can be charged simultaneously via the 6 port / 18 port Charging Dock stations. Deployment is fast, systematic and repeatable – with user-friendly intuitive systems.

Vidacasa 8-hour Rechargeable Cold Cells

No Wet Mess: Healthcare food service professionals must ensure a clean, safe environment. Wet ice is inherently problematic for food cooling as it melts within one hour, leaving unsanitary pools of water. The C1 Cold Cell provides up to 8 hours of consistent cooling at a temperature that is colder than ice, without the mess.

Reduce Liability: Eliminating the labor of carrying ice buckets translates into reduced physical strain and potential injuries for healthcare food service workers. Stray melting cubes are a liability for slip-and-fall accidents. C1 is light, compact and easy to transport. The Elements Carrying Case holds up to 8 Cold Cells / Hot Cells – both models have the same footprint for ease of interchangeability.

Long Lasting Performance: Cold Cells far outperform wet ice, blue gel and ice packs. Experience 8 hrs of constant cooling per use with the freezer recharging cold pack that maintains a temperature of -10°C / 14°F and can be reused 2000 times. Other methods of keeping food cold can’t maintain adequate cold temperatures for more than an hour.

Heat Blaster & Instant Hot Buffetware

One Time Use Disposable: Heat Blaster flameless food warmer packets are water activated to provide steam heat for over 30 minutes. Used packets are safely disposable in everyday trash, while the plastic Instant Hot Buffetware trays can be reused and eventually recycled. Replace with a fresh new set for the next serving.

Works Anywhere: Simply place the Heat Blaster packet into the buffetware, add warm water in the reservoir, wait 1 minute… and watch as instant high heat steam is diffused. Instant Hot Catering Kits are environmentally safe with no toxic fumes and are ideal for indoor or outdoor short duration catering, with no need for electricity or a flame.

Designed for Distancing: Half-size buffetware options facilitate having more food stations that can be rationed and kept distanced.

Portable Carrying Case: Transport 2 Full Size Trays or 4 Half Size Trays with ease using a thermal carrying case. HeatBlaster is ideal for delivery applications, like drop off catering, keeping food warm from the kitchen to service.