With 30 years of experience in the food warming and ambiance category, PICO’s core competency is partnering with dood service and hospitality companies to improve their operational efficiency and delight customers.

PICO leads its product category in green initiatives and technological innovations, while offering the most valuable partnership opportunities to our distributors and operators. We also promote and educate food safety and consumer safety, as we recognize and stress the importance of product knowledge.

At PICO, we focus on sustainable solutions that can:

Reduce Waste

Increase Safety

Level Up Cost Efficiencies

Enhance Ease of Use

The PICO Pledge

Innovative Products

  • Fresh thinking translates into cutting edge products

Outstanding Service

  • We are quite simply the easiest company in the industry to do business with

The YES Company

  • We listen and respond with actions. Your business is our business

True Partnership

  • We have your back with support that you can depend on


  • We are hungry to grow, passionate about what we do, and excited to take on new challenges