Meeting specific hospitality needs, PICO has unique and innovative products that assist in your goals for temperature, safety and sustainability. Whether you are one boutique hotel or a massive system of hospitality venues, PICO understands the full scope of the customer experience you’re trying to achieve. We’d love to be a partner in your drive to make a lasting impression: one that positions your establishments as delicious, stylish and sustainable.

PICO has hospitality solutions that cross all geographic and cultural needs; our products deliver across a variety of corporate initiatives and help every employee in food service manage time, safety and budget considerations. Alone and together, these products bring dependable energy and time savings to an industry where every dollar is critical.

Let’s take a look!

Honour Amenities

Reduce both single-use plastic waste and product waste by up to 80%

Honour Amenities is an innovative line of vegan and cruelty-free amenities products made with natural ingredients. They replace in-room amenities, shower dispensers, and plastic shower bottles.

  • All our ingredients are market standard, vegan and respect ALL restrictions and limitations from the FDA, Health Canada, and Global standards.

H1X and Battery Pack: Change the game.

No corner of your establishment is too far or under-equipped for Vidacasa solutions. Cordless, lightweight, set-and-forget technology that is easier to operate and maintain than fuel.

  • Don’t fear the outdoors: Wind and light rain make open flame bothersome to maintain. Dragging out heavy chafingware on challenging terrain isn’t fun either. We make it easy from set-up to serving – whether lunch on the green or dinner under the stars.
  • No one wants to get burned: Certainly not people and definitely not your budget. Gel fuels in particular come with a risk that no property should be willing to take. In addition to the hazards to your employees and liability insurance, fires and spills hit your bottom line and can take the air out of event profit. Besides, hiding those spill spots on the tablecloths is annoying!
  • Don’t duel with fuel: Go for the long play. One H1X battery replaces 500lbs of fuel, is safer for everyone and eliminates the disposal of cans. With H1X, one battery lasts over 2 hours… through multiple services, even outdoors, where a flame is difficult to manage and maintain. You can also swap H1X batteries on-the-fly to prolong the serving usage!
  • Vs Induction: Cut the cord! Hotel properties are limited by outlet locations, restricting where you can set up and serve. With Vidacasa, you can effortlessly move from poolside cabana to rooftop lounge to literally anyplace inside or outside on your property.
  • Budget busting savings: Control every aspect of your food service spend. H1X Charging Docks, available in 6 port and 18 port configurations, feed H1X heating on a daily basis and eliminate massive power draws. Calculate for yourself – add up the supply management, freight, storage and disposal of fuel and you’ll see how smart Vidacasa’s solutions really are.
  • Sweet for storage: Stackable, rechargeable H1X reduces the square footage of fuel and eliminates induction hanging cords that get in the way. H1X Hot Cells and Battery Packs stack and store easily and are self-sustaining – waiving the need to reorder, field, move or unpack fuels.
  • Charge, heat, repeat: the ultimate repeatability for food service managers – instruction that makes sense and is repeatable in every location, across the city, across the world: H1X makes it so easy to ensure consistent food product every time.

Vidacasa 8-hour Rechargeable Cold Cells

Reduce Liability: Cold Cells allow ice to remain in drinks, not buffets. Less carrying and dumping of buckets mean reduced physical strain & falls. Stray melting cubes and the slip-and-falls are a liability for both employees and guests and are greatly averted with the Vidacasa Cold Cell.  You also have the versatility to combine Cold Cells with (a lot less) ice for a lasting setup.

Reduce messes and physical strain: The slip and fall story isn’t limited to barbacks. Less carrying and dumping of buckets mean reduced physical strain on backs and knees. With 8 hours of subzero cooling under fruits, sushi, salads and cheese, there are a lot of other things to celebrate. No mopping, no “WET FLOOR” signs. No dumping, spilling, wet tablecloths and bars. A neat presentation that recharges in 24 hours for the next event.

Heat Blaster & Thermal Insert

Less work, more perk! From staging room service or buffet service, there’s nothing better. Heat Blaster heats to boil in less than a minute and keeps food safe temperatures for over half an hour. Make sure it’s hot when guests answer the door. If you’re fast, you can make several deliveries with one packet!

Avoid last-minute failures: In the event of electrical or product failures, Heat Blaster flameless food warmer packs can instantly save any situation, and provide heat as efficiently as any other source. Working with chafing fuel cans in the dark is perilous, but pouring a small amount of water is innocuous.

Space saving: Reusable, stackable inserts fit into your standard chafing dish, and Heat Blaster flameless food warmer packs are so small, they fit in your pocket!