Through our three brands, LeoLight, Vidacasa and Honour, we offer the most complete and innovative line of food heating solutions in both the combustible and flameless heating categories, plus table lighting.

We bring you food service and hospitality products that address service end-to-end, supporting what you specifically need to give your customers the best of what you do: your great tasting food.


The LeoLight brand is where it all started. With a complete line of food warming and ambiance products for the food service world, LeoLight is making its name in the world with its innovative VIEWS wick chafing fuel cans – a safer and smarter way for hotels and caterers to warm their food. From chafer fuel to dinner table lights, if it has a flame, LeoLight is the name.


Vidacasa are is focused on bringing innovative solutions in the flameless heating and temperature controlled buffetware. With a product line centered around 3 unique elements – Vidacasa’s line of products are changing how things are done in the food service world.


Honour offers a line of hotel amenities and single use hand sanitizer, providing you with the perfect dose every single time.

Our Brands

Bringing you the perfect amount of light or heat, LeoLight keeps the flame going

Flameless heating and ice free cooling innovations in sleek form factors

Honour is an innovative line of vegan and cruelty-free amenities products made with all natural ingredients.