PICO cares about catering. We make it easy, while fostering safety and sustainability. Unique temperature control solutions (both fuel and flameless) empower PICO product caterers with advantages you can’t get anywhere else. Leave-behind disposable solutions save you time, employees and on-the-road time.

Food safe, no soot/no smell, clear DEG fuel with hour markers help you manage multiple events without tossing cans. Disposable miracles like the Heat Blaster flameless food warmer, paired with PICO quick catering products let you walk away (concentrating employees and time on the next drop-off…) and never look back. Repeat venues benefit from small-footprint flameless heating plate solutions you can leave to recharge for the next service. There’s no end to PICO’s search for innovation that makes your business easier to manage.

Let’s get serving!

Heat Blaster & Quick Drop-Off Catering

Save the return trip with disposables. The Heat Blaster food warming solution plus our Quick Catering lineup lets you set up and leave without looking back. Enjoy over half an hour of food safe, no by-products heating with no worries.

  • Time in a Packet: Heat Blaster is a flameless heater for food that saves you setup and tear down time, and in many cases will save you return trips to the venues you serve. Add a small amount of water. Add Heat Blaster. Set food in Vidacasa’s Quick Catering line of trays plus LeoLight stands, and serving ware, and head to the next gig.
  • Less work, more perk! Heat Blaster comes to a boil in less than a minute and keeps food safe temperatures for over half an hour, and is more easily controlled than fuel in windy outdoor environments, or buildings where there are open flame restrictions. If you have this quick catering kit packed in the van, no environment or lack of outlets will cramp your style.
  • Space saving: Reusable, stackable thermal inserts retrofit into any standard chafing dish, and Heat Blaster packs are so small, they fit in your pocket. Traveling light keeps you from restocking the van as often, or managing heavier boxes of cans.

VIEWS: The advantage is clear.

We believe in transparency. With VIEWS, you see the volume of chafing fuel left in the can, marked from 6 to 4 to 2 hours left!

  • Time in a Can: No waste or guesswork. Clearly see what’s left so that you can better manage events and your supply of chafer fuel. 4 and 6 hour VIEWS are available. Stop tossing half-used cans and get more out of your chafing fuel because you can see it.
  • Efficient and sustainable: Highly refined DEG that delivers a consistent burn with no smoke, soot or smell, and no harmful by-products. Compared to gel chafing fuels, which create 2-3 times more waste than DEG, VIEWS is better for the environment – for each job and for the earth!

Vidacasa 8-hour Rechargeable Cold Cells

  • Stop Draggin’ My Ice Around: Buying bags, carrying heavy setups, water spills, draining, dumping… these are things of the past with Vidacasa’s Cold Cell innovation. Lose the weight and serve more cold foods with 8 hours of subzero cooling.
  • Manage Space and Time: Cold Cells recharge in a freezer for the next service. They take up far less room than ice, and save stops on the way to the venue. Reduce time all around, leaving more room for profit.