PICO assists in achieving your goals for food temperature, safety and sustainability on a large scale. We focus on repeatable, reliable temperature sources that enable set-and-forget efficiencies to your food service employees and supply managers. With the volume you do in one night, PICO understands the need for quick setup, easy cleanup, and simple steps to achieving consistent results across the venue. We’d  be delighted to partner in your drive to make a massive change in efficiency: one that positions your venue as the best at what you do from the first drink to the last hot french fry order sold.

PICO has food warming solutions that cross all sporting, concert and convention requirements; our products deliver efficiencies from supply management to waste control and safety. Alone and together, these products bring energy and time savings to an industry where every patron is the most important one.

Let’s take a look!

H1X and Battery Pack lighten your loads

Food stands and box seating buffets benefit from a number of H1X features.

  • No-flame laws? No problem: Even if you’re ABLE to use fuel, one battery replaces 500lbs of fuel, is safer for employees and patrons – and eliminates the waste of cans.
  • Huge savings on spending: H1X Charging Docks, available in 6 port and 18 port configurations,  feed H1X smart heating thus eliminating fighting for outlets and massive power draws. Stop paying for the transporting, storing and waste of fuel.
  • Storage: H1X is stackable, storable, rechargeable. Hanging cords pull everything else with them, usually onto the floor. Expensive! Induction units that can’t stack are space-eating nightmares. Vidacasa H1X Hot Cells stack and store easily, with space-saving rechargeable batteries.
  • Charge, heat, repeat: the ultimate repeatability for food service managers – instruction that makes sense and is repeatable in every location, making it easy to ensure consistent food product every time.

Vidacasa 8-hour Rechargeable Cold Cells

  • Reduce Liability: Cold Cells keep ice in drinks, not buffets. Less carrying and dumping of buckets translates into reduced physical strain & falls. Stray melting cubes are a liability for both employees and patrons, even when combined with (a lot less) ice for a lasting setup.
  • Reduce costly production and machine maintenance: Sure, you need ice for drinks, and when used in combo with C1 Cold Cells, ice can help produce a longer lasting setup. But box seating buffets benefit greatly with Vidacasa Cold Cells. Enjoy 8 hours of subzero cooling under fruits, sushi, salads and cheese. No dumping, spilling, slipping or falling, wet tables, tablecloths and bars. C1 provides a comprehensive clean, neat presentation that recharges in 24 hours for the next event.

Heat Blaster & Thermal Insert

  • Keep it moving: Distributing hot food between box seat locations makes Heat Blaster a fantastic packet. For short duration food service, the Heat Blaster flameless food warmer, heats to boil in less than a minute and keeps food safe temperatures for over half an hour.
  • Avoid last-minute failures: In the event of electrical or product failures, Heat Blaster packs can instantly save any situation, and heat as efficiently as any other source.
  • Space saving: Reusable, stackable inserts can retrofit any chafer that’s stored in box seating. Plus, Heat Blaster flameless food warmer packs are so small, they fit in your pocket.