PICO dishes out unrivaled solutions for restaurants big and small, sweet or savory. Amazing strides in temperature control have allowed us to bring new innovative chafer fuel and flameless food warmers to happy hours, buffets and popups to restaurants of all sizes. Safety for employees has never been easier to control. Whether you have 10 employees in one location or dozens across multiple restaurants, our efficient, rechargeable, reusable, stackable and long lasting temperature control products also reduce your liability across the board.

PICO hits every mark at restaurants: drop off catering solutions, sustainable chafing fuel cans and even flameless candles that beautify your tables. Easy to implement and maintain, our products are developed to help manage all aspects of your restaurant floor. PICO is unbeatable in diverse solutions for restaurants, devoted to innovations that make efficiency easy.

Let’s see what we’ve got for you!

H1X and Battery Packs: Change the game

Vidacasa solutions: Cordless, lightweight, set-and-forget technology that is easier and safer to operate and maintain than fuel.

  • No one wants to get burned: Gel fuels come with a risk factor for restaurants. In addition to the hazards to your employees and liability insurance, fires and spills hit your bottom line and can steal profit. Replacing tablecloths is expensive!
  • Don’t duel with fuel: Go for the long play. One H1X battery replaces 500lbs of fuel, is safer for everyone and eliminates the disposal of cans. With H1X, one battery usage lasts over 2 hours… through multiple services, even outdoors, where a flame is difficult to manage and maintain.
  • Vs Induction: Cut the dangerous extension cords that restrict where you can set up and serve. With Vidacasa, you can effortlessly serve anywhere inside or outside on your property.
  • Super at storage: Stackable, rechargeable H1X eliminates space taking fuel and perilous hanging cords that get in the way. H1X Hot Cells and Battery Packs stack and store easily and are self-sustaining – and managers don’t have to reorder, field, move or unpack fuels.

Vidacasa 8-hour Rechargeable C1 Cold Cells

  • Reduce Liability: Keep ice in happy hour drinks, not under your cold-food buffets. Reduce physical strain and stray melting cubes that can cause slip-and-falls that your pocket can’t handle. Ice is a liability for both employees and guests, so keep it behind the bar where it belongs!
  • Reduce messes and physical strain: Servers fight over having to carry and dump buckets that put strain on their backs and knees. Just like with garbage duty, no one wants to draw the short straw! With 8 hours of subzero cooling under cold-bars and fruit buffets, there are a lot of other things to celebrate too. No spill-mopping, no “WET FLOOR” signs. No dumping. Fewer wet tables, tablecloths and bars. Neat and tidy, Cold Cells recharge right in your freezer for the next service.

Heat Blaster & Thermal Insert

  • Delightful delivery: A delivery of cold food negatively impacts perception of your establishment. An insert tray with a Heat Blaster flameless food warmer in your delivery bag means your customers will get hot, tasty food that represents your restaurant accurately!
  • Less work, more perk: For Happy Hour buffets, there’s nothing better than Heat Blaster, which comes to a boil in less than a minute and keeps food safe temperatures for over half an hour. Heat Blaster flameless food warmer gives servers more time for what they love: rolling silverware and marrying ketchup bottles! Just add water!
  • Avoid last-minute failures: In the event of electrical or product failures, Heat Blaster packs can instantly save any situation, and heat as efficiently as any other source.
  • Space saving: Reusable, stackable inserts fit into any standard chafer, and Heat Blaster flameless food warmer packs are so small, they fit in your pocket; small storage space is barely impacted by having this food-safe heating miracle kit!