For all of us at Pico, our personal and corporate goals are to make our planet better off tomorrow than it is today.

We work tirelessly to develop industry leading green products and provide environmental education. In everything that we do, this planet is all of ours to share – we believe our future generations deserve a planet that recovers from the current trends in pollution, greenhouse gasses and global warming.

The revolutionary VidaCasa line not only provides superior performance, cost savings and increased efficiency – it also presents sustainable modernized alternatives to traditional fire and ice. Embrace the future of foodservice today and witness the VidaCasa advantages for your hospitality operations… and the planet.


Honesty, integrity and transparency are at the forefront of everything that we do.

Our standards of respect, quality and sustainability are pillars upon which all of our decisions are based and they will never be compromised. We do business solely with companies, factories, and partners who share our values.