Hot Cell – A.I. Powered Food Warming

Smart Food Warming

At Pico, we recognize that Artificial Intelligence is more and more prevalent in technology we use in everyday life. AI is in our cars, sensing everything from ambient temperature to roadway obstructions. AI helps us turn on lights, control our door locks… and the world is now full of devices that can sense and adjust based on input. Why not foodservice?

VidaCasa’s H1X uses input to sense and adjust to both plate material and environment to control its output of energy.

First, the better the plate retains heat, the less energy the battery exerts to maintain temperature. Melamine, porcelain, cast iron and stainless steel each react differently to heat, and H1X responds to these materials. In applications where the plate is a high conductor of heat, battery output is reduced by H1X.

Second, H1X responds to the foodservice application: denser foods are recognized as needing higher heat, while lighter weight requires less heat to the plate to maintain temperature.

Why the AI?

When the heating surface has reached the desired temperature, the battery stops supplying electric current to the heat plate, with battery life dependent on the above factors. The result is that you save more energy and extend usage time of the heating plate and batteries.

Stay tuned to Pico for VidaCasa innovations that let AI work for you, providing the best possible energy savings, no matter the foodservice application.