Butane Heating Solutions

Portable, Safe & Functional

Ideal for your on-the-go cooking & searing needs!

Product Overview

Leolight’s Butane gas products, including butane stoves, butane torch and butane gas, are chef-preferred and easy to use. Our butane products meet all industry safety and operational requirements. You can trust our butane and accessories to produce the best results at your food service events, every time!

Butane Stove
With drip-tray technology, multiple BTU options, and constructed with your safety in mind, our Butane Stoves will serve your needs whether at the food station sauteing a delicacy or behind the scenes.

Butane Torch
LeoLight’s Butane Torch is ideal for creating a Creme Brulee or for use behind the scenes in an industrial catering environment.

Butane Gas
LeoLight’s Max brand of Butane Gas features a triple-wall safety construction which is industry unmatched. Our Butane gas exceeds all industry standards in safety and performance. As well, it is clean burning emitting no smoke, soot nor smell.

Product Features

  • Safest Butane Gas Cartridges
  • Butane Stoves & Torches
  • Top Safety Ratings
  • Patented Safety Shutoff Valve
  • CSA, CE and UL Rated
  • Excellent Heat Control
  • Fastest Max Temp
  • Robust BTU Choices


  • Food Service at Table
  • Catering Stations
  • Food Station Serving
  • Industrial Catering Environments

Butane Canister

Unit Vol: 8.0oz (226g)
Case Pack: 12ea

Butane Torch

SKU: BT-1500
Up to 1300°C
Case Pack: 10ea

Butane Stove

SKU: BS-8000
BTU: 8,000
Case Pack: 6ea

Butane Stove

SKU: BS-10000
BTU: 10,000
Case Pack: 6ea