H1X Battery Pack

Military Grade Lithium-ion Battery Pack

For the H1X Food Warmer Series

Product Overview

One 1.6 lb battery replaces 500 lbs of Gel Fuel. The longevity and portability of H1X is powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is easy to swap on-the-fly while additional charged batteries await. Unlike fuel, the H1X Battery is reusable on a daily basis for over a year. Over the long-term, significant cost savings can be realized by investing upfront in the H1X Hot Cell and additional batteries versus the repeated purchasing of chafing fuel.

The innovative rechargeable heating solution is the new environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuel. With industry leading sustainability, the H1X battery is reusable over 500 times at a duration of up to 3 hours (on average). In total, the battery life is approximately 1500 hours.

Pico Inc. is pleased to offer a convenient and 100% waste-free Battery Recycling Program to support the VidaCasa H1X Hot Cell.

Product Features

– Dual Power Outputs: 12V 5A, 5V 2A

– Battery Lifespan: 1,500 hours

– Battery Full Cycle Recharge: 12 hours

– USB Output for Electronic Device Charging

– Aluminum Casing

– LED Energy Level Indicator

Product Size & Wattage

– W x D x H (inches): 6.1 x 3.5 x 1.1

– W x D x H (cm): 15.5 x 9.0 x 2.9

– Weight: 0.60 kg (1.32 lb)


Clean with a Wet Towel.
Do Not Submerge into Water

Battery Recharge Dock Accessory

The easy recharge dock allows the user to recharge multiple batteries on a single plug, making recharging these units a breeze! Charging dock stations are available in 6 port and 18 port configurations – scalable to meet your needs.

Power Up H1X Hot Cells

Recharging options:
1. Insert the Lithium ion battery into the H1X Hot Cell and charge it directly with the provided H1X Hot Cell power adapter. The H1X Hot Cell’s battery icons will flash while charging.
2. Charge the H1X Battery Packs with the H1X Charging Dock accessory. The H1X Battery Packs’ energy icons will flash while charging.

Charging Output for Smartphones

USB power adapter or cable is not included in this package.

Safety Protection

– Over charging / discharging circuit protection
– Electric current overloading circuit protection
– LED indicator showing battery levels


Please wait for 5 minutes until the H1X Battery Pack is cooled down before recharging.
1. The H1X Battery Pack gets hot after using with the H1X Hot Cell.
2. Always recharge the H1X Battery Pack when it’s cooled to extend its lifespan.
3. Avoid using the H1X Battery Pack at extremely humid or hot temperatures.
4. Keep away from hot oven or open flame.
5. Avoid using it under direct sunlight.
6. Do not wash, disassemble, open, drop, crush, and puncture the casing of the H1X Battery Pack.
7. Never attempt to recharge it with any non-specified power adapters.