Water Activated Safe And Instant Food Warming

One time use disposable

Product Overview

The VIDACASA HeatBlaster provides an easy and safe way to provide hot food for catering functions of an hour or less. Our water activated HeatBlaster packs allow the user quick set-up and easy clean up without the need for potentially dangerous gel chafing fuel.

Product Features

– Water activates the HeatBlaster pack to produce steam heat within 1 Minute

– Instant hot steam at 90°C (194°F) for 30+ minutes

– Odourless, Flameless & Cordless

– No Preparation Required

– Food Safe Certified

Product Maintenance

– Keep away from children

– Store in a cool dry area

– Keep away from direct sunlight and open flames

– After each use, dispose the packet as regular trash

Main ingredients

Aluminum, Calcium Oxide, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hydroxide

Weight: 80g (0.20 lb)

Safety First!

– Always activate pack with clean tap water, never mix with other chemicals.

– Use in a well-ventilated area.

– Avoid physical damage to the heat pack and its packaging

– Always wash hands with soap and water after handling.

– Do not puncture the pack.

Important Information

– Always use Heat Blaster packs with Heat Blaster Insert Tray to avoid heat injury.

– Store Heat Blaster packs properly sealed inside original packaging until use.

– Never handle HeatBlaster packs with wet hands as it may activate the pack release steam heat.

– If pack’s contents are swallowed, call your local Poison Control centre or a doctor immediately.

Witness the Miracle of HeatBlaster

Imagine a catering solution that heated food instantly, with no electricity and no flame. VidaCasa brings this vision to reality with its patented HeatBlaster technology. Simply place the HeatBlaster packet into the buffetware, add warm water in the reservoir, wait 1 minute… and watch as instant high heat steam is diffused for 30+ minutes.

Safe and Sustainable

Water activated HeatBlaster packs offer a clean alternative to potentially dangerous fuel and flame solutions. VidaCasa offers compatible Instant Buffetware that can be reused up to 20 times, for virtually waste-free components.

Disposable Packets

The HeatBlaster packet contains no harmful byproducts and does not produce toxic fumes. It emits water vapor, hydrogen and oxygen. Used packets are disposable in everyday trash.

User Friendly & Ideal For Drop-off Catering

HeatBlaster is extremely user-friendly, even for use by non foodservice professionals. It’s fast, clean and safe! Heat is generated in under one minute, it’s odorless with no toxic emission, and has none of the safety risk associated with fuel and flame solutions.

Typical applications for HeatBlaster are environments with open flame restrictions, that only need short duration heating. Such settings often include: drop-off catering, corporate lunches, and festive events.