Instant Hot Combo Kits

Instant Hot Catering Kits

Ideal for “on-demand” buffet service, delivery & drop-off catering

Product Overview

Instant Hot Buffetware is specifically designed for use with VIDACASA HeatBlaster packets. It contains a reservoir built into the base to accommodate the HeatBlaster packet and allow for the right amount of water to be added in order to achieve optimal performance.

Our Instant Hot Combo Kits Include 5 Full Size GN 1/1 pans (fits 2 half size food pans), 5 Half Size GN 1/2 pans (fits 1 half size food pan), and 50 Heatblaster Packs.

The Full Size version accommodates 2x Heat Blaster packets, while the Half Size fits 1 pack. Instant Hot Buffetware can be safely reused up to 20 times, for virtually waste-free product components. The plastic buffetware can be placed in a recycling bin after usage.

VIDACASA Instant Hot Catering Solutions provide an easy and safe way to provide hot food for catering functions of an hour or less. Our water activated HeatBlaster packs allow the user quick set-up and easy clean up without the need for potentially dangerous gel chafing fuel.

Product Features

  • Designed for use with your full size or half size foil and GN pans (sold separately)
  • An easier and attractive alternative to traditional chafers
  • Instant high heat steam is diffused for up to 30 minutes
  • Crack-resistant form keeps food protected throughout the duration of your event
  • Buffetware can be disposed for quick clean up or reused up to 20 times
  • Available in Black to ensure your colorful creations will stand out
  • Use with VIDACASA food pan carrying case to retain freshness during transport (sold separately)

Instant Hot Combo Kit

Color: Black
Available in 2 Sizes
Includes: Pans and Heatblaster Packs

10 Full Size Pans

SKU:  IHBX11-10-Kit
Fits: 1 full-size pan
Size: 23” x 15” x 5”
20 Heatblaster Packs

10 Half Size Pans

SKU:  IHB12-10-Kit
Fits: 1 half-size pan
Size: 14″ x 12″ x 5″
10 Heatblaster Packs

Heatblaster Packs

Weight: 80g (0.20 lb)