Quick Catering

The Essentials for Your Catering Needs

Fast Set Up. Quick Tear Down. Simple Clean Up.

Product Overview

LeoLight’s line of quick catering tools is perfect for fast buffet table setup and efficient clean up. With multiple sizes to meet all uses, LeoLight’s wire racks, pans and party packs ensure maximum durability throughout your event. Our grab-and-go packs provide everything you need in one place.

Paired with our safe DEG wick chafing fuels, these tools will ensure success for your on-the-go catering needs. Our kitted chafing fuels are all clean burning, classified as non-dangerous goods, and meet all industry standards for food service and consumer safety.


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Check the Specs

1. How much weight can LeoLight quick catering racks hold?
Our rack can hold up to 20kg (44lbs). The largest size food pan can hold a max of 12kg (30lbs). Therefore, the max capability of a standard food pan does not exceed the max capability of the rack itself.

2. What size aluminum catering pans fit in our racks?
The max depth of the water pan is 90mm (approx. 3.5in) with 9780ml capacity (approx. 330fl.oz.). The food pan is inserted over the water pan which fits snug on the rack.

3. Type and gauge of metal?
Our wire gauge is 4.0mm (approx. 3.5in), made of pure cold roll steel A195. The coating is chrome for an attractive, protective and durable finish.