Clear Can Wick Chafing Fuel

The Advantage is Clear!
See the hours left in the can!

Product Overview

Operators gain unmatched value and performance with LeoLight’s exclusive VIEWS chafer fuel. VIEW Clear Can Wick chafing fuels offer control, confidence and ease of use. You can clearly see the volume level left in the can after use!
All recyclable materials. No more waste, no more guesswork.

The Future is Here.
The Future is Clear.

Product Features

  • Easy twist off screw cap design for safe and secure shipping.
  • Thick fiberglass wick maximizes the heat output, while allowing the user to relight again and again.
  • 100% Diethylene Glycol produces industry leading BTU output without smoke, smell or soot. It is non-flammable and safe!
  • Hour markers on our clear label indicate exactly how much burn time is left in the can!
  • Clear chafing fuel cans allows you to see the oil inside of the can, and is ideal for all food service warming applications.
  • Grip ridges add friction to ensure stability on surfaces during use.


  • Chafing Dishes
  • Buffet Kits
  • Fondues
  • Hot Box
  • Room Service
  • Beverage Heating

Make the Switch to VIEWS!

Join the thousands who have switched over to VIEWS chafing fuel. LeoLight’s VIEWS Clear Can Wick chafing fuel makes it easy to see how much fuel is left. Maximize the use of your chafing fuel and never waste a drop! Once food service professionals try VIEWS, they simply don’t go back. It’s the safest, cleanest, and most user-friendly option.

Be Eco-Friendly

By knowing and seeing how much fuel is left in the can, you can reduce waste by up to 66%. VIEWS effectively minimizes waste by maximizing what’s in the can. No more shaking, no more guesswork. Furthermore, gel chafing fuel produces 2-3x more waste material.

4 Hour Clear Wick Fuel

SKU: V420
Burn Hours: 4 Hours
Case Pack: 24ea

6 Hour Clear Wick Fuel

SKU: V620
Burn Hours: 6 Hours
Case Pack: 24ea

Retail Packs

SKU: V620-R
Burn Hours: 6 Hours
Retail Pack: 6ea
Master Case: 8 Packs