Wax Candles

The No-Drip, Straight Burning Ambiance You Want

Enjoy the flicker and glow of our traditional wax candles

Product Overview

Built with your standards in mind, our wax candles are non-dripping and straight burning. As well, our products burn hygienically by emitting no smell, soot nor smoke.

Tealights & Votives
Produced from compressed wax and given a smooth finish, our votives and tealights not only look beautiful in their holders but are also safe to use. Emitting no smoke, smell nor soot, our products ensure that your event is accented with the gentle glow that you desire.

Venetian Lowboys
A staple for many decades and available in multiple color options, our glass filled lowboy venetian candles suits every type of decor, both indoors and out.

Floating Candles
Our floating candles are fun and beautiful. Our floating candles are available in 1.75”, 2.25” and 3” in diameter. They are clean burning like all of our products, emitting no smell and no smoke throughout their burns.

Pillar Candles
Our pillar candles have a beautiful smooth finish that will compliment your decor and impress your guests. Perfect for accenting your unique spaces, our pillars are available in 3.5”, 6.5” and 9.5” heights.

Glass Filled Votives
The most convenient product for your event needs, our votives inside clear glass holders are self-contained and create a glowing warmth.

Tapered Candles
Our variety of dripless tapered candles will suit your needs and leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Product Features

  • Cleanest Highly Refined Paraffin Wax
  • Straight Burning
  • No Dripping
  • No Smoke, No Soot, No Smell
  • Beautiful Finishes on Pillars, Tapered & Floating Candles
  • Range of Heights, Diameters & Burn Times
  • Long Lasting Compressed Wax Votives & Tealights
  • Glass Filled Votives & Venetian Lowboys


Anywhere a candle will accent the environment and add the ambiance that will have guests “Stay for One More”

Pillar Candles

SKU: 3×3, 3×6, 3×9
Burn Hours: 30, 70, 110 Hours
Color: White & Ivory
Case Pack: 48ea, 24ea, 12ea

Floating Candles

SKU: 1202, 1203
Burn Hours: 7, 10 Hours
Color: White & Ivory
Case Pack: 96ea, 72ea

Taper Candles

SKU: 610, 612
Burn Hours: 5, 6 Hours
Color: White & Ivory
Case Pack: 72ea

Tealight Candles

SKU: 305, 309
Burn Hours: 5, 9 Hours
Color: White
Case Pack: 500ea, 400ea

Votive Candles

SKU: 310, 315
Burn Hours: 10, 15 Hours
Color: White & Cream
Case Pack: 288ea, 144ea

Clear Glass Votives

SKU: 305-CL, 308-CL
Burn Hours: 5, 8 Hours
Color: White
Case Pack: 36ea, 48ea

Venetian Lowboys

SKU: 432
Burn Hours: 45 Hours
Color: Red, Frost, Green, Blue, Amber
Case Pack: 12ea