Flat Pad Wick Chafing Fuel

Power Boosting Flat-Pad Wick Chafing Fuels

Super Safe – reduce liability from shipping to storage to use.

Product Overview

LeoLight’s X Series “Big Wick” Wide Pad Wick chafing fuel is the industry leader in safety, substituting all chafing gels while providing equal heat. Utilizing a highly refined DEG in a non-flammable formula, wick chafing fuels offer a safer alternative to the more dangerous flammable gel chafing fuel products.

The X Series’ Large Pad-Wick construction boasts the highest BTU output amongst all wick chafing fuels on the market. Big Wick is safer than all gel chafing fuels (both ethanol gel fuel and methanol gel fuel) ensuring ultimate ease of use and the added benefit of being spill resistant!

Product Features

  • Non-Flammable Formula
  • Highly Refined DEG
  • Clean Burning
  • No Harmful Bi-Products
  • Fastest to Max Temp
  • Consistent Burn Throughout
  • No Damage to Dishes
  • No Smoke, No Soot, No Smell


  • Chafing Dishes
  • Buffet Kits
  • Fondues
  • Hot Box
  • Room Service
  • Beverage Heating

2 Hour Flat Pad Wick Fuel

SKU: X200
Burn Hours: 2 Hours
Case Pack: 24ea

4 Hour Flat Pad Wick Fuel

SKU: X400
Burn Hours: 4 Hours
Case Pack: 24ea

6 Hour Flat Pad Wick Fuel

SKU: X600
Burn Hours: 6 Hours
Case Pack: 24ea