Views Clear Can Wick Chafing Fuel

See the hours left in the chafing fuel can, reduce waste and increase efficiency! VIEWS offers control, confidence and ease of use. All recyclable materials. No more waste, no more guesswork.

Reduce single-use plastic waste by up to 96%!

Honour Amenities Papersnap is the only one-hand opening system made of more than 85% paper! These innovative single-use packs of vegan and cruelty-free amenities products are made with natural ingredients. They replace in-room hotel amenities, shower dispensers and plastic shower bottles while allowing you to reduce both plastic and product waste.

Cold Cell


No Ice. No Sweat. No Stress

Keep food colder with Vidacasa Cold Cells. Easily recharge in the freezer for 8 hours of consistent cooling. Make life easy and worry free. Set it and forget it.

Heat Blaster

Yes, a real miracle in short-term food heating, this amazing little packet starts steaming in less than a minute, and lasts for 30+ minutes of consistent heat. Heat Blaster leaves no chemicals and is disposable.

Industry Leader in Temperature Controlled Food Service Products

Our goal is to provide the temperature tools that allow your food to shine. PICO products give you freedom with food warming – from buffet to catering to elegant hospitality presentations. Offering flameless heating, subzero cooling, combustible heat sources, innovative chafing fuel cans and a wide array of add-ons… we bring you true sustainable solutions and give you the ability to manage them end-to-end with ease. The only limitation is your imagination.

Bringing innovative and sustainable products to the hospitality industry and beyond!

Small, efficient, and easy to learn!

Easysnap® is the only worldwide patented one-hand opening & dispensing pack for liquid & semi-liquid products. It’s also a great response to the single-use plastic regulations that have started rolling out in the USA – due to its compact size and our paper-made option!

Our Brands

Bringing you the perfect amount of light or heat, LeoLight keeps the flame going

Flameless heating and ice free cooling innovations in sleek form factors

A line of innovative personal care products developed to delight your senses.

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Skincare and Cosmetics

The PICO Difference

It’s something you can see when you use PICO products. It’s something you can hear when you talk to us. It’s the thing that will keep you coming back to us. WE TRULY CARE and have a vested interest in your success!