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Honour products are formulated for effective, gentle hand hygiene — and nothing extra. Honour Hand Sanitizing Gel with 70% Alcohol Antiseptic eliminates 99.99% of germs on hands, with added moisturizers to keep hands hydrated.

Honour Your Skin. Honour Your Health. Honour Your Community.

Proper Innovations for Foodservice Professionals

PICO focuses on everything you need to make your food the star – efficiently, innovatively, sustainably. Chefs and hospitality professionals rely on PICO’s exclusive Hot Cell to eliminate waste and realize cost savings.

Fire and Ice. Reimagined.

The VIDACASA lineup by PICO provides solutions that Reinvent traditional methods. Fire and ice evolve into wireless heating and cooling – so you can set-and-forget. The Cold Cell is colder than ice, and doesn’t melt.

The Clear Advantage

Operate with control and confidence by switching to LeoLight VIEWS clear wick chafing fuel. VIEWS allows you to see the volume left in the can with hour markers. No more waste, no more guesswork!

Just Add Water?

Yes. A real miracle in short-term heating, this amazing little packet starts steaming in less than a minute, and lasts for 30+ minutes of consistent heat. HeatBlaster leaves no chemicals and is disposable.

Industry Leader in Temperature Controlled Foodservice Products

Our goal is to provide the temperature tools that allow your food to shine. PICO products give you freedom with food warming – from buffet to catering to elegant hospitality presentations. Offering flameless heating, subzero cooling, combustible heat sources and a wide array of add-ons… we bring you true sustainable solutions and give you the ability to manage them end-to-end with ease. The only limitation is your imagination.

Our Brands

Bringing you the perfect amount of light or heat, LeoLight keeps the flame going

Flameless heating and ice free cooling innovations in sleek form factors

A collection of hand-centric products formulated with ingredients for effective & gentle hand hygiene.

Round out your buffet service with high performance pans and foilware

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Featured Stories

Hand Sanitizer 80% Formula – More Effective Virus Killer per WHO and FDA Guidance

Pico launches Hand Sanitizing Gel with an advanced 80% formula as per the recommended guidance from WHO and FDA for optimal elimination of viruses on hands, including COVID-19.

Sanitary Foodservice – Future of the Buffet

In a post-quarantine world, Foodservice professionals must shift operations to ensure utmost sanitary conditions.

The Pico Difference

It’s something you can see when you use PICO products. It’s something you can hear when you talk to us. It’s the thing that will keep you coming back to us, because we care about what YOU care about – your foodservice’s best presentation on all levels.