Case Studies

Hand Sanitizer 80% Formula – More Effective Virus Killer per WHO and FDA Guidance

Pico launches Hand Sanitizing Gel with an advanced 80% formula as per the recommended guidance from WHO and FDA for optimal elimination of viruses on hands, including COVID-19.

Sanitary Foodservice – Future of the Buffet

In a post-quarantine world, Foodservice professionals must shift operations to ensure utmost sanitary conditions.

Emergency COVID-19 Catering for Healthcare Foodservice

Pico supports Healthcare Foodservice in the battle against COVID-19 with flameless food warming and cooling.

Hot Cell – A.I. Powered Food Warming

The cordless heating plate utilizes advanced A.I. logic to recognize its application and react accordingly.

Go Green: Foodservice Sustainability

The revolutionary VidaCasa line presents sustainable modernized food warming and cooling alternatives.