H1X Hot Cell

Cordless Heating Plate With Interchangeable Battery

Sustainable AI (Artificial Intelligence) Thermal Control

Product Overview

Eliminate open flames and diminish the risk of fire with Vidacasa! Unlike induction heat, Vidacasa Hot Cells are cordless and portable, making buffet presentations extremely flexible. The design is perfect for serving a variety of dishes, large or small, to any sized event.

Unique thermal engines are at the heart of the Vidacasa system, providing maximum transformation of electricity to heat. The heat energy is conducted through the flat surface of Hot Cells, ensuring food stays warm efficiently and evenly.


Product Features

Dual temperature heating options:

– Low: 80ºC (176ºF) lasts for 3+ hours

– High: 110ºC (230ºF) lasts for 2+ hours

AI (Arti­cial Intelligence) thermal control optimizes energy saving, extending the heating duration.

Heating surface reaches the selected temperature in 8 minutes.

Note: This products uses Direct Heating Technology and it is not an induction warmer or cooker.

Energy Options

– H1X Battery Pack

– AC/DC power plug

Battery Full Cycle Recharge: 12 hours

Product Size & Wattage

– W x D x H (cm): 20 x 20 x 5

– W x D x H (inches): 8 x 8 x 2

– Weight: 0.85 kg (7.87 lb)

– Wattage: 36W


Wipe clean with a towel and do not put into dishwasher for cleansing.

This product is water resistant and is not waterproof. Never submerge product into water.

Revolutionary Removable Battery System

The removable and interchangeable lithium-ion battery system allows the user to replace batteries on the fly for longer events, and keeps the Heating Plate operational longer! You can use the same H1X unit for multiple servings each day simply by swapping out recharged batteries.

Battery Recharge Dock Accessory

The easy recharge dock allows the user to recharge batteries on a single plug, making recharging these units a breeze! Charging dock stations are available in 6 port and 18 port configurations – scalable to meet your needs.

Go GREEN And Experience Long Term Savings

The long-lasting Lithium Ion rechargeable H1X Hot Cell facilitates powerful heating with a total battery lifespan of 1500 hours. The reusable technology eliminates the need for ongoing replacement of fuel and the potential for hazards such as fire. Significant savings are therefore realized on storage, transportation, packaging and emissions.

Always use FLAT-BOTTOM Plates, Bowls and Pots

H1X uses a Direct Heating method to heat up the glass area in a short time.

Always use FLAT-BOTTOM Porcelain or Stainless Steel Bowls and Plates on top of the H1X to get best heating performance.

NEVER use thin plastic disposable plates on the H1X because they can be melted.

Do Not Cover the ON/OFF Switch if you are using a METALLIC POT / PAN

H1X’s On/Off switch uses the “touch-sensitive” mechanism and is sensitive to metallic materials (i.e Cast Iron and Stainless Steel pots & pans).

If using cast iron pots (e.g. Le Creuset or Staub cast iron pots) with H1X, always place the pot away from the On/Off switch by ½ inch

Always avoid placing pots/pans over the switch adding weight to it or the H1X will switch off by itself.

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